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Climate impact

Wellspect HealthCare recognises the role of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, (IPCC) in leading world understanding of climate change science and impact assessment, and accepts the Panel’s conclusions. The IPCC has concluded that natural systems around the world are being affected by regional climate changes, particularly temperature increases, which are very likely the result of emissions of greenhouse gases caused by human activity.

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Wellspect HealthCare has put a lot of effort into reducing emissions of volatile organic compounds, VOCs, into the air and water. Purification equipment consists of carbon filters with an efficiency over 99 percent. The main emission sources are contaminated hot steam, from the cleaning of carbon filters for air treatment, and contaminated rinse water, from the process. The polluted process water is purified in a complex two-stage stripping and then transferred to an external municipal treatment plant.

Wellspect HealthCare has two methods for sterilization of our products. One method is sterilization with Ethylene oxide and the other method is radiation sterilization. Because Ethylene oxide is a toxic, reactive and flammable gas, proper handling and security measures are necessary to ensure safe operation. The polluted air is treated in a catalytic incinerator with a treatment capacity of more than 99 percent before being released into the atmosphere.

Most of our goods transportation is done by truck, supplemented by railway, boat and air transportation. Our transport providers are well-known transport companies with documented environmental focus certified by ISO 14001.

Our travel policy recommends that in connection with business travel, environmental impact should always be taken into consideration when choosing a means of transport. The necessity to travel and the amount of staff required should always be carefully assessed. We encourage conference meetings via phone, video and internet.