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7 lives - after a spinal cord injury

These are seven stories of life, pain, anger and courage. Real-life dramas, of people who suddenly found their lives, relationships and expectations turned upside-down. These are stories about people who regained control of their lives and fought to get what they wanted in life despite a life changing experience. It is not hope that makes the difference, but the power of human will. These stories remind us all that every one of us has the ability to react. Despite it all.

“7 lives – after a spinal cord injury” is a publication from Wellspect HealthCare. It is a book that tells the stories from the point of view of those whose lives was brought to a halt by an accident. But instead of victimising themselves they reacted, rebelled against the fate and fought to get what they wanted from life in spite of their new condition. They made sure a mere accident would not determine their fate.

Seven stories demonstrate that, deep down inside every one of us, there is a will to succeed that is stronger than any fall. From Elena, who found love again, to Fabrizio, who demanded the right to become a father. From Connie, who fought to bring treatments worthy of a civilised country to Italy, to Emiliano and his wife, who wanted a baby despite it all. From Antonio, who dreamed of running his own gym, to Franca, the lioness. Ending with Mugurel, determined to achieve dignity in his life.

The book “7 lives - after a spinal cord injury” also has an important scientific and informative appendix.

We are sharing the stories with you right here. Enjoy and get inspired.

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Published Dec. 15, 2014