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We actively work for a greener and better world

At Wellspect HealthCare, we take our responsibility as a world leading medical technology company seriously. We are continually looking for ways to improve our production and processes to be as efficient as possible — without ever compromising safety, health or the environment.

We reduce the environmental impact of our activities, products and services by applying the principles to reduce, reuse and recycle. Renewable resources, such as water, wind, the sun and biofuel, are our first choice whenever possible. In order to contribute to the sustainable development of society in the long-term, we seek to economise on energy use as much as possible. We believe one of our primary responsibilities is to improve our energy efficiency and pursue lower-carbon alternatives to fossil fuels. 

Our commitment could not be clearer with annual resource reduction targets, production development, onsite waste management and optimised logistics in the packaging and distribution of our products. Our transport providers are well-known transport companies with documented environmental focus certified by ISO 14001.

Our products should always be designed to produce minimum environmental impact throughout the entire product lifecycle, including choice of material, manufacturing methods and handling of used products. Most recently, we have converted a big part of our catheter range to a PVC-free plastic material called POBE in response to growing environmental concerns. We are devoted to continuous improvement for a sustainable future on all levels. We work for a greener and better world.

Published Dec. 15, 2014