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Putting the Care in Wellspect HealthCare

We wouldn’t be in this business if we didn’t care.

We at Wellspect HealthCare have long had an ear to our user community. Without your feedback and stories, there’s no way for us to know if we’re doing the right things. And we’ll listening even more closely to you from now on.

So tell us about yourself – your needs, your ideas and your everyday problems. You’ll not only help us develop even better solutions, you’ll also be an inspiration to others in a similar situation. Naturally, you’ll still find the facts and everything else practical that you sometimes need here, but stories – your stories – will be featured even more prominently.

By focusing on our users, we believe that we can make the greatest difference. We’ll try to help all of you in the best way we can.

Smarter access

Our website is now responsive, which means the site content adapts to whatever device – computer, smartphone, pad – you’re using during your visit. In other words, you can now access these pages without squinting or zooming, whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you; on the bus, in the comfort of your home or in a waiting room.

Short films

Recently, video has become and will continue to be our medium of choice for user stories called Tips & Tricks. Nothing beats having a face to go with the words. After listening to your input, we’ve made the short films even easier to watch at your convenience by collecting them on one page. If you haven’t browsed through our Tips & Tricks section yet, it’s a good place to start.

We like to talk to you

We thrive on user dialogue. Which is why we’re making it even easier for you to contact us both through our TellUs service and forums, and through workshops. We’re also increasing transparency in research, development, clinical trials and our environmental work, enabling you to readily follow our processes and provide us with important feedback along the way.

Published on Dec. 15, 2014