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POBE – making LoFric latex free

Care in every detail

The entire LoFric catheter range is now made from a new material called polyolefin-based elastomer or POBE. Not only is it free from PVC, plasticisers and natural rubber latex, it also combines very good physical characteristics with an exceptionally good environmental performance. The catheters are still coated with our well-proven Urotonic™ Surface Technology - which makes our catheters just as slippery coming out as they are going in.

The new LoFric POBE material has been thoroughly tested and a clinical study shows that users prefer the new material: “Evaluation of a new PVC-free catheter material for intermittent catheterisation”: A prospective, randomized, crossover study by Johansson K, Greis G, Johansson B et al.

Read the summary here, or the full article here.

Care for the environment

The Polyolefines, that form the basis of this new LoFric catheter material, are polymers that only consist of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, resulting in a lower environmental strain during its life cycle. The use of polyolefin-based materials in medical device products is not new; they are widely used in blood bags, tubings, wound drains, etc... However, the unique composition of this material means it can be used for urinary catheters and that has been adopted especially for the LoFric range to ensure the highest safety and environmental performance and optimal user function and compliance.

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  • LoFric Classicc
  • LoFric Primo 
  • LoFric Hydro-Kit 
  • LoFric Sense
  • LoFric Origo

If you are interested in the life cycle assessment study of LoFric you will find a summary on Science Direct.


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