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Intermittent Self Catheterisation, ISC for short, is a simple procedure for emptying the bladder.

It might seem scary. Or difficult. Or maybe just uncomfortable. But like anything else, practice makes perfect. Millions of people around the world perform ISC four to six times a day, every day – and they will tell you it can solve a lot of problems, and make life a whole lot easier.

On this website, you will find video testimonials from experienced users, instructions, tips and other materials. You will also find the enCATHopedia, a series of small, information leaflets regarding anything where catheterisation can be part of the treatment or the best solution in a person's life. These leaflets, downloadable below, are quick guides to how the bladder/urinary tract/urethra is affected by different diagnoses and about catheterisation.

enCATHopedia brochures

Patients: Keep an eye open for enCATHopedia in the waiting room. Maybe you can learn something new about your condition? If you don´t find your diagnosis in the leaflet library below, please contact us so we may add it to the collection. As well as enCATHopedia, this website has many user videos from people who perform ISC every day, and their hints and tips can make your first steps with ISC a little smoother. Of course, if you have any questions, please discuss with your doctor, nurse or healthcare professional.

Healthcare professionals: If you are interested in stocking the range of enCATHopedia leaflets, please contact your local Wellspect HealthCare Territory Sales Manager.