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A Revolution
In Your Hands

The world’s first intermittent catheter with an L-shaped handle

Why choose between function and design when you can have both?

For decades, catheters have remained pretty much the same. Until now. We are proud of the innovation that empowers women to handle their everyday life in a whole new way. The new LoFric Elle is the world’s first catheter with an L-shaped handle.

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LoFric Elle angle changes everything

The angle changes everything

Taking the catheter out of its slim, hard plastic shell, the container is connected to the catheter at a 90 degree angle becoming a handle. This L-shape forms a versatile tool that gives a whole new dimension to the meaning of control.

"This should make teaching/learning the ISC procedure easier for the clinician and the patient."

Kate Mitchell
Advanced Urogynaecology Practitioner, UK

Distance means Dignity

Thanks to the ergonomic handle, more women will be able to manage their own catheterisation instead of getting help from a caregiver or partner. Taking control, rather than having the situation control you, is liberating, bringing back that feeling of dignity. And if assistance is still necessary, the handle ensures that there is distance between the user and a caregiver’s or partner’s hand during catheterisation.

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