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The Navina Classic - manual control for convenience

✓ Easy to teach, learn and use
✓ Easy pumping
✓ Large, intuitive controls

Navina Classic is a simple and convenient alternative to Navina Smart. It was designed with the input from users and healthcare professionals. Thanks to their insights and knowledge, TAI can now be a better option for a wider range of people.

The Navina™ Systems range of Transanal Irrigation solutions (TAI) from Wellspect Healthcare is now available on prescription. If you would like to know more, please discuss with your healthcare professional as to your suitability for Transanal Irrigation (TAI) therapy.

Navina Classic Product Image

The Navina Educational app

The Navina Educational app is an offline resource for information about bowel function, transanal irrigation and more. Download the Navina Educational app and get access to mobile education and teaching tools for the clinical environment. Available for tablets.

Instructions for use

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