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The Navina Educational app

The Navina™ Educational app is a comprehensive mobile resource containing a wealth of information related to bowel function, TAI and Navina Systems. Downloadable to your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, the Navina Educational app is designed to be intuitive and easy to access and use. It can be used as a powerful tool for training and improving understanding for the potential benefits of transanal irrigation.
  • Covers a wide range of topics related to bowel function and transanal irrigation
  • Material developed in cooperation with leading colorectal specialists
  • Intuitive and easy to use
Comprehensive bowel related information and reference at your fingertips –only with the Navina Educational app.

The Navina eLearning app for iOS (iPad) and Android tablets

Navina Education Mobile App for iOS Navina Education Mobile App for Android

New! Navina Education is also available on the web

New! Navina Education is also available in several languages on the web

This application is part of the Navina systems training program and is intended for everyone who will encounter any part of Navina Systems, either as a user, professional care giver, prescriber or as trainer/sales force. 

This training will give you an introduction to Neurogenic Bowel dysfunction (NBD), transanal irrigation (TAI) abs Navina Systems. It is important for us at Wellspect HealthCare to make you feel confident with our Navina products, but also give you an opportunity to a better understanding of the therapy area.  You will also learn more about Navina Smart and Navina Classic which have the main difference in Navina Smart being an electrical device, whereas Navina Classic is handled manually. 

You will meet both users and healthcare professionals in videos who share their knowledge of Navina Systems. through animations and images you will be presented with medical facts and experiences on the values and vision for the Navina Systems.
The training program is available in several languages:

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