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LoFric Urostomy catheter tube

Ileostomy and Urostomy catheters product data

Intended use

Wellspect HealthCare Ileostomy and Urostomy catheters are intended for use in patients with continent ileostomy (ileostomy reservoir, Kock-pouch) and continent urostomy (ileal reservoir for urinary diversion). They are to be used for emptying the stoma occasionally and intermittently, in hospital or at home.

Instructions for use

The catheter is supplied in plastic packaging, where the catheter can also be kept when not in use. Before the catheter is introduced through the stoma it should be lubricated with water, Vaseline or lubricating gel. If the catheter is to be used again it should be cleaned in running water and placed in the packaging.


Straight-sided catheter with two drainage eyes. The tip of the catheter is rounded to reduce the risk of trauma. Each pack of catheters contains a coupling piece that can be used to vary the catheter length. The bent catheter is designed especially for patients with continent ileostomy (ileostomyreservoir, Kock-pouch).


All catheters are packed in a clean environment. 150 catheters per shipping box (Bent catheters 105 pcs).

Material composition

Catheter: Medical grade polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plasticized with TEHTM (TOT-M).
Shelf package: Polyethylene (PE).
Shipping box: Corrugated fibreboard box (Well).