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Product range

Bellovac ABT companion set

Bellovac ABT product accessories

In addition to the complete sets the Bellovac ABT range offers a number of accessories.

1. Companion set

Should the patient lose more than one unit of blood (500 ml), the companion set, consisting of one autotransfusion bag and one transfusion set, is used.

Bellovac ABT Product Range Exchange drainage bag

2. Exchange drainage bag

Six hours after the start of collection, the blood collection phase is terminated and standard drainage bags are used for the remaining wound drainage.

Bellovac ABT Product Range Extension Line

3. Extension line

The extension line makes sure that the blood never leaves a closed circuit, which may be desirable for religious reasons, e.g. Jehova's witnesses.

Bellovac ABT Product Range Transfusion Set

4. Tansfusion set

The transfusion set is also available as a separate item.

Bellovac ABT Product Range Y connectors

5. Other acessories

Y-connector and catheter.
Sizes: FG 10, 14 and 18
Y-connector and catheter with trocar. Sizes: FG 10, 14 and 18

Product range

Ref No               Product
68396    2x10    Bellovac ABT Set FG10 with trocar
68397    2x10    Bellovac ABT Set FG14 with trocar
68398    2x10    Bellovac ABT Set FG18 with trocar
68379    4x5      Companion set
68337    12x50  Exchange drainage bag
68380    4x5      Extension line
68381    4x20    Transfusion set
68376    4x25    Y-connector and catheter FG 10
68377    4x25    Y-connector and catheter FG 14
68378    4x25    Y-connector and catheter FG 18
68385    4x25    Y-connector and catheter FG 10 with trocar
68386    4x25    Y-connector and catheter FG 14 with trocar
68387    4x25    Y-connector and catheter FG 18 with trocar