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Maxi suction principle

This unique Medena feature gives an exceptionally low suction force at the point ensuring that there will be no trauma or tissue grab even when aspirating deep down, while still providing a high suction capacity. Closing the finger control hole will temporarily increase the suction capacity for emergency aspiration.

The Maxi principle combines high suction capacity with atraumatic fluid suction. The secret lies in the double tube. With the finger control hole open for normal suction, these tips yield the same capacity as standard suction instruments with closed control vents. The negative pressure at the tip is a mere 20 mm Hg, making suction completely atraumatic. With the control hole closed, the flow capacity is much superior to standard suction instruments. Maxi and Maxette suction instruments use the same principle, but have been adapted for somewhat different applications.

Double lumen

  • Atraumatic suction
  • No tissue grab

“Turbo effect”

  • Even flow and constant suction
  • High suction capacity
Medena Maxi Suction Principle Wellspect HealthCare
Close up Medena Maxi Suction Principle Wellspect HealthCare