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Introducing Wellspect Wizard

A new way to view clinical evidence

Finding relevant research and clinical studies can be a time-consuming matter. Wellspect Wizard has been developed to help you identify and find scientific references quickly and easily. The easy-to-use search function guides you to the information that is most relevant to your current clinical practice.

Wellspect’s LoFric catheters have been used by people requiring intermittent self catheterisation (or ISC) for over 30 years. The usage has been thoroughly documented since the product’s introduction to the market along with short- and long-term comprehensive studies.

Wellspect Wizard is a digital platform that gathers all this research in one place and makes it easily accessible to healthcare professionals. The digital format facilitates updates and the content is even available on your mobile phone. The scientific content is divided into chapters such as UTI and Patient preference, Long-term safety – to name a few. Each chapter features clinical evidence highlights and a reference summary. Wellspect Wizard also includes a short film that can be shared with your colleagues or patients, explaining in 2 minutes how to minimise urethral trauma. 

And should you wish to challenge yourself or colleagues, a short quiz is included to test your knowledge!

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