New LoFric Origo Sleeve

A user-friendly and safe male intermittent catheter in a smart package. Now with a protective sleeve for easy handling.

I’ve tried a few different catheters but LoFric Origo works best for me. I feel it’s easy to use. It’s compact and discreet — I can fold it up and put it in a bag under my chair. I don’t need to worry about finding water to activate it as it’s already in the package. I just squeeze it, break the seal and use it, and nobody needs to know. My bladder management has greatly improved. I feel much better.
Michael Kerr Former GB Rugby Paralympian, LoFric Origo user since 2016

The World’s First Ecolabelled Catheter*

LoFric has been endorsed with the Swan ecolabel. The Swan is the official Nordic ecolabel. To obtain this, a product must adhere to strict environmental criteria, including certain standards for the type and ratio of chemical material. The ecolabel also makes it easier for consumers to make Environmentally friendly choices when choosing between products.

*Applies to: LoFric Origo, LoFric Elle, LoFric Sense, LoFric Hydro-Kit and LoFric Primo.

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Smart Features

Easy opening

LoFric Origo with a protective sleeve has a loop on the package for easy opening.

Pocket sized confidence

LoFric Origo is easily foldable and compact enough to fit into a pocket. The folded package is the smallest male catheter package available on the market, so you can bring it wherever your day takes you.

Easy handling

An adhesive tab on the back of the package can be attached to any dry and clean surface for a simplified handling procedure.


Strong Medical Evidence

LoFric catheters are proven in multiple studies to reduce the risk of complications and are also proven safe for long-term use.

*Compared to non-hydrophilic catheters

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