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“When I think of sustainability, there are three words that stand out – balance, respect and footprint.” 

Svenn Poulsen, Group Vice President Wellspect HealthCare and Chairman of the Board of Directors for Dentsply IH AB. 
At Wellspect, we work with a holistic approach, where the environmental, social and economic aspects of our business are interdependent and crucial to our success. We use our resources  effectively and responsibly and work to make a real difference, now, and for the future. 

Sustainability strategy 

Dentsply IH AB, which includes Dentsply Sirona Implants and Wellspect Healthcare, works for a sustainable society in which a holistic approach where environmental, social and economic aspects are interdependent and crucial to the result. We use our resources effectively and responsibly and work to make a difference for current and future generations. 

As a leading healthcare and dental implant company, we are: 

Proactive, in our view of the environment. We take our responsibility seriously and encourage the development and implementation of processes and technologies with as little impact as possible on the environment. We reduce the environmental impact by using the principles reduce, reuse and recycle. We use life-cycle assessments to reduce the environmental impact of our products. 

Caring, when it comes to protecting the health and well-being of our employees. We want our employees to feel safe and happy at work, and to have the opportunity to develop both professionally and as individuals. Our work environment should be characterized by openness and all individuals should be treated equally and with respect. No employee should suffer from illness or injury because of the work. 

We are constantly improving our work environment, both organizationally, socially and physically. We comply with all applicable governmental  requirements and other commitments that we have made. We run our business from a sustainability perspective and have guidelines in place for the environment, health and safety in all parts of the organization and value chain. 

Committed, to continuous improvement for a sustainable future. Continuous improvement is a must for us to be able to take our corporate responsibility and strengthen our competitiveness. Through open dialogues with our stakeholders, we can understand what expectations we face as a company and how we can develop and improve. We carry out materiality analyzes in order to find out which sustainability aspects should be prioritized. Our processes ensure that we respect human rights and counteract corruption, the same goes for our partners. Our responsibility as a company is about respect for the people who live now, for those who lived before us and for future generations.

Our focus areas 

We are actively working with sustainability in many areas. To help structure and clarify our work, four focus areas were established.

  • Good health and well-being
  • Safe, committed and inspiring workplace
  • Becoming climate neutral
  • Sustainable production throughout the value chain 

A greener catheter surface more in balance with nature.

An important part of our continuous work to reduce the environmental impact from our products and processes has been to implement a new coating process for LoFric.

If you are interested in the life cycle assessment study of LoFric, please contact your local representative.

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Identifying potential product improvements with LCA

At Wellspect we use Life Cycle Analysis as a tool to identify which factors within the manufacturing of our products have the highest environmental impact and through that we can identify potential product improvements and “hotspots”.

The LCA process looks at all areas of the production process, from the sourcing of raw materials and manufacturing to distribution and eventually end of life.

POBE – The best possible catheter tube material available today

It was a Life Cycle Assessment made in 1990 which started the journey to a PVC-free assortment. Since 2009 the material in the LoFric catheter tubes is POBE, a Polyolefin Based Elastomer.

The POBE material in the tube contains no PVC or plasticizers and combines very good physical characteristics with an exceptionally good environmental performance.

POBE consists of carbon and hydrogen and the material has a low environmental impact, for example 33% lower environmental load for catheters in POBE compared to polyurethane*.”

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