Navina Bowel Products

The Navina Bowel Care range offers easy, reliable, innovative and flexible products for long-term bowel care, securing independence for people living with bowel leakage or chronic constipation.

Navina Irrigation System

Navina Irrigation System is used for effective high volume transanal irrigation (TAI) therapy. It is the only system on the market offering both manual and electronic control to effectively relieve bowel leakage or chronic constipation.

Navina Mini

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Navina Mini is the latest innovation within the Navina Bowel Care portfolio. Navina Mini is a low volume manual irrigation device which holds 185ml of water. It is an easy way to empty the lower part of the bowel to ease symptoms like incomplete emptying.    

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Navina Insert

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Is a soft and flexible insert that is engineered to provide a complete seal, helping to prevent accidental bowel leakage. It is intended to be hygienic, and with its body-conforming shape, it is designed to offer unique comfort for the user.