Bowel products Navina Insert

Navina Insert is a soft and flexible insert designed to prevent accidental bowel leakage. It has been engineered to provide a dual seal and thereby help to prevent leakage. With its body-conforming shape, it is designed to offer unique comfort for the user.

Further, the applicator and protective sleeve is intended to increase hygiene on insertion as well as removal.

The Navina Insert may be worn during a specific activity such as sports or continuously for up to 24 hours.


Product information


Product description

Anal plug

Product features

Secure positioning
The broad external retainer collapses comfortably and is designed to hold the device securely in place.

Dual seal
The bulb rests against the anorectal junction providing a seal while the shaft conforms to and fills the anal canal allowing pressure from the sphincters to seal the canal.

Flexibility and comfort
Made from soft silicone and filled with smooth liquid, the Navina insert is carefully crafted to ensure comfortable insertion and to adapt and conform to movement.

24 Hour use
May be worn continuously for up to 24 hours.

Applicator to facilitate insertion.

Protective insertion sleeve intended to increase hygiene.

Available for

Adults only


  Total length Insertable length
Navina Insert Standard 94 mm 60 mm
Navina Insert Large 100 mm 67 mm


Navina Insert Standard: 22mm bulb diameter
Navina Insert Large: 28mm bulb diameter


Navina TM is the registered trademark of Wellspect HealthCare.

Technical data

Package size description

30 pcs Standard, 30 pcs Large, 5 Large + 5 Regular in Starter pack

Primary Package Material Name

Corrugated cardboard

Does the product carry an environmental label?


Does the package carry an environmental label?


Special storage conditions

No special storage conditions.

Shelf life

5 years

Product range

To try out the size that best fits you there is a Navina Insert Starter pack with 5 pcs of each size. For your continuous needs there are Standard and Large sets with 30 pcs.

  1. Navina Insert, Standard

    Article number
    69304 00
    Product brand name
    Navina Insert, Standard
  2. Navina Insert, Large

    Article number
    69305 00
    Product brand name
    Navina Insert, Large