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Struggling with faecal incontinence?

To most people, not being able to trust and control your body is devastating. If you are dealing with bowel leakage you know that both the physical and psychological consequences feel limiting and may stop you from doing what you want. Fortunately, there is help available.

Could Navina Insert help you?

Navina Insert is intended for adults who experience different types of fecal incontinence, either as stool coming out without warning, which is known as passive fecal incontinence, or as a sudden bowel movement that can’t be controlled, which is called urge fecal incontinence. There are many different underlying causes which could lead to these symptoms, but some could include:

A soft insert designed for comfort

The Navina Insert is a soft and flexible insert that is engineered to provide a complete seal for up to 24h in order to prevent bowel leakage. The insert is intended to be hygienic, and with its body-conforming silicone shape, it’s designed to offer comfort, so that you can feel secure regardless of what you are doing.

With Navina Inserts, I have total control and don’t have to be afraid of unpleasant surprises.
Sten User of the Navina Insert

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