Living with Bowel Problems

How to Manage Life with Bowel Issues

Living with bowel problems is difficult – it affects your life and wellbeing - and it’s much more common than you would think. Many people with bowel issues struggle too long with different diets or stool changing medication without effective results.


Bowel irrigation is often a successful therapy when you experience constipation and/or bowel leakage. It restores a healthy bowel routine and help regain control of when and where to go to the toilet. As a result, the fear of having accidents eventually disappears, and you can start living your life without constantly thinking about your bowel and your toilet needs.

Bowel irrigation may feel strange or intimidating in the beginning, and your bowel may need time to adjust to new routines. But it will be worth it in the long run. We hope this guide will help you along the way

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Anal inserts shaped to fit into the rectum can offer some hours relief by blocking the anal canal. This can be particularly useful during certain activities such as going for a walk or a swim, or taking part in a social activity, or simply getting a full night sleep without worrying. The inserts can be used for a maximum of 24 hours.

Finding a Treatment

Navina Bowel Care

Navina Insert

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Is a soft and flexible insert that is engineered to provide a complete seal, helping to prevent accidental bowel leakage. It is intended to be hygienic, and with its body-conforming shape, it is designed to offer unique comfort for the user.