Children and Bowel Irrigation

Bowel Problems in Children

Becoming continent is an important milestone in a child’s life. It helps the child to socialise independently and participate in daily activities. Bowel leakage affects self-esteem and confidence and may hinder social interaction.

Children’s bowel problems are something that affects the whole family. Constipation among younger children is common and, in most cases, laxatives, bulking agents, and toilet training will help. For some children with bowel problems, using bowel irrigation may be an option to reduce or eliminate bowel accidents.

How Does Bowel Irrigation for Children Work?

There are no specific recommendations for the best time to introduce bowel irrigation to children. Most children are toilet trained by the age of three. A bowel problem will become more apparent at this age. Bowel irrigation, also called transanal irrigation (TAI), should ideally be introduced when the child is able to cooperate and understand the process.

Diagnoses or conditions in children where bowel irrigation can be a treatment option are:

  • Hirschsprung disease
  • Anorectal malformation
  • Spina bifida
  • Functional constipation (i.e. no underlying cause of the problems has been identified)



The animation below introduces the concept of TAI to children as well as the Navina Smart and Navina Classic Irrigation Systems.

Useful Resources

Below, you will find our comprehensive guide to bowel irrigation for children, tailored to support parents or caregivers in understanding bowel function and the benefits of bowel irrigation for their child.

Also, below is a downloadable copy of our Navina Activity Book, a fun and educational resource designed to help children become more familiar with the Navina Irrigation System.

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Navina Irrigation System

Navina Irrigation System is used for effective high volume transanal irrigation (TAI) therapy. It is the only system on the market offering both manual and electronic control to effectively relieve bowel leakage or chronic constipation.

What is Bowel Irrigation or TAI?

Treatment with bowel irrigation, sometimes also called transanal irrigation (TAI), is an option when other treatments like medications, diet changes and fluids have not helped.

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