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Sustainability at Wellspect

Our sustainability work encompasses three main focus areas including reduction of our environmental footprint, good health and well-being and finally a safe, committed and inspiring workplace.

Evidence-based sustainability journey

As a responsible business, we believe that all sustainability claims must be evidence-based. We have established cross-functional groups to achieve the sustainability targets we have set in various areas. We also monitor and report on our progress in annual sustainability reports. Below is a snapshot of some of the areas covered in these reports.

Sustainable product development

At Wellspect, we continously scrutinise machinery, energy sources and materials to reduce the environmental footprint of our products. By using a tool known as the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), we identify which factors, within the manufacturing of our products, that have the highest environmental impact. We look at the entire production process, from the sourcing of raw materials to manufacturing and distribution, and eventually end of life.

Our dedication to reducing our products environmental footprint, has seen the release of the world's first eco-labelled catheter. It has also enabled us to pioneer the use of renewable plastic in the medical device industry. 

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Local sustainability initiatives

In the UK, we support various local sustainability initiatives that tie into our Wellspcet's sustainability focus areas. These can include everything from waste picking to supporting a local cause. 

We also have local sustainability ambassadors that support the local integration of Wellspect's global vision and ambitions. 

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