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Bladder and Bowel dysfunctions often come together

It's only recently that health care providers have begun to notice the connection between bladder and bowel dysfunction. 

The impact is huge for people with neurogenic diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), or Parkinsons disease. In a lot of cases, bladder and bowel symptoms coexist, side by side and interact. So it's time for a more holistic approach for the benefit of patients.

Patient and Healthcare Professional - are you asking the right questions?

But there are challenges to overcome - for both the patient and the healthcare provider, so that a complete, holistic approach to bladder and bowel dysfunction delivers better care and a better quality of life. 

We've collected testimonies from those with bladder and bowel dysfunction related to their neurogenic diagnosis, who's lives have been improved when the bladder and bowel have been treated together, and we explore the therapies that help to improve the lives of those with bladder and bowel dysfunction, so that both patient and professional can reach a better quality of life.