Instillation Therapy with LoFric

Bladder instillation is used for local administration of drugs into the bladder. Examples being treatment of interstitial cystitis and cancer. Drugs are delivered via a catheter, and a hydrophilic-coated surface such as that of the LoFric catheters, reduces the risk for trauma associated with instillation therapy.

LoFric documentation: Instillation therapy

  • Multimodal therapy for interstitial cystitis.1
    Review of treatment of interstitial cystitis including examples of the use of LoFric catheters for intravesical instillation.
  • Delaying the Administration of Intravesical Chemotherapy Improves its Dwell Time.2
    Study of 42 patients who had chemotherapy instilled in the bladder with LoFric.