Sexual dysfunction in neurological diseases

Learn more about how neurological conditions affect sexual function and how to assess and manage sexual dysfunction.


This webinar looks at the impact on sexuality and intimacy with neurological disease. Dr. Jalesh Panicker, consultant Neurologist in Uro-neurology (UK), talks through different aspects of managing intimacy and sexual difficulties for someone who has a neurological disease. He explains why sexual difficulties and sexual dysfunction occur in neurological conditions such as MS, SCI and stroke, and why it is important to dig deeper beyond asking just one question concerning sexual issues.

Clinical Nurse Specialist in Uro-Neurology Collette Haslam, UK, highlights the multidimensional aspects of sexual dysfunction and the importance of managing secondary conditions like bladder and bowel incontinence. There are barriers to seeking help around sexual dysfunction, with the general perception that people with certain conditions, especially if in a wheelchair, don't have sex. This shows the importance for HCP's asking the patient about their sexual function.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Erectile function and the nerves involved including both psychogenic and reflexogenic functions
  • The multidimensional nature of sexual dysfunction involving more than nerve damage such as aspects of self-esteem and body image
  • How to assess and manage sexual dysfunction