Course Theme: Bladder & Bowel Management of Bladder and Bowel in Children

Knowledge and teaching resources, developed for professionals and carers of children learning Intermittent Catheterisation and Transanal Irrigation

A collection of professional articles to expand knowledge on bladder and bowel management in children.

5 Items

  1. Bowel Conditions in Children

    key:global.content-type: Webinar

    In this webinar, Bev Collins, Clinical nurse lead, Wellspect, will talk you through conditions in children that may lead to bowel dysfunction.

  2. Scientific Review of Transanal Irrigation in Children

    key:global.content-type: Article

    Bowel problems in children are common, up to 29% of children can be affected by functional constipation and functional faecal incontinence, where the symptom origin is not known.

  3. Paediatric Study with Navina Irrigation System

    key:global.content-type: Article

    In this science article a combined retrospective and cross-sectional survey study investigates chronic idiopathic constipation in children and bowel regimen with bowel irrigation, also called transanal irrigation (TAI).