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Quality Policy

We create better continence care for those who are in need of safe, innovative and convenient solutions to meet physical and social challenges. We help health care professionals, users and patients to manage medical conditions safely and efficiently.

WELLSPECT HEALTHCARE UK aim to continually improve the service we provide to meet our client’s requirements as well as legal and regulatory requirements and to produce finished work that we can be justifiably proud of.

WELLSPECT HEALTHCARE UK, through this Policy promises to comply with the principles prescribed by international standard Social Accountability (SA8000:2014) and the requirements for the Labour Standards Assurance System (LSAS) as per the signed NHS Supply Chain Framework. We will embrace our company policies, national and international legal obligations, and we will respect international instructions and their interpretation on social accountability issues. 

All employees within WELLSPECT HEALTHCARE UK are responsible for the quality of their work. The company provides training and has established systems to assist all personnel to achieve the standards required. We endeavor to produce work and offer a service we can be proud of, focusing on continuously improving our service.

The policy, organisation and procedures are described in our Quality Management System.