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LoFric just got greener

Our latest move towards more sustainable healthcare is a new, greener manufacturing process for LoFric.

At Wellspect, we take our environmental responsibility seriously. For this reason, we are continuously working on improvements to minimize the environmental impact of our products and services.

As part of this mission, we improved our LoFric coating process at our production site in Sweden. That means we use less water, less energy and less chemicals during the manufacturing process. We will continue to manufacture the same high quality products as before, but with less environmental impact.

Less water
The new coating process uses 98% less water and results in a minimal amount of waste water.

Less chemicals
The new coating process requires fewer chemicals and a different solvent. The new solvent is the most environmentally friendly alternative available for the process.

It is still a LoFric
The new process and our unique Urotonic Surface Technology TM have been thoroughly tested and validated according to the standards.

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More facts

Wellspect has an extensive plan to make a real difference for a viable future. We already use 100% renewable electricity and 99,7% district heating at our Mölndal site.

Life cycle assessments have been performed on the LoFric range and we have used a PVC-free plastic called POBE for many years, with, for example a 35% improved environmental load compared to polyurethane.

Why have Wellspect choosen to change the manufacturing process?
We are continuously working on improvements to minimize the environmental impact of our work, products and services. This is an important part of this mission.

How will the new process be better for the environment?
The new process requires less chemicals and uses a 100% renewable solvent. Also, it uses 98% less water and emits a minimum amount of waste water, minimizing impact on the environment.

Does the change affect the entire LoFric range?
Yes. The improvements have already been implemented at our site in Mölndal and apply to all products produced there. These are; LoFric Elle, LoFric Origo, LoFric Sense, LoFric Hydro-Kit and LoFric Primo.

LoFric Elle, which is our latest new product innovation for women launched in 2019 has been produced in the new coating process from the start.

The transition to the new catheter coating process is still to be introduced at our site in Kazan, Turkey. At present, more than half the catheters produced globally by Wellspect are produced using our new  coating process.