Demo of Navina Irrigation System

With Navina Irrigation System there is always a solution to fit the patient’s needs.

Navina Smart, with an electronic control unit, allows for personalised settings, while Navina Classic is the manually controlled alternative. Both with interchangeable consumables and rectal catheters in different sizes and shapes.

In the short demonstration videos, it appears how user friendly they are and how easy it is to assemble and disassembe Navina Irrigation System. These short instructions can be used as a complement to demonstration at the clinic and to view at home when training a new patient.

Navina Classic: The intuitive and convenient Transanal Irrigation system


Navina Classic: Assembling and Disassembling (YouTube)

Navina Smart - The intelligent and precise Transanal Irrigation system

Navina Smart: assembling and disassembling (YouTube)

Navina Smart Settings (YouTube)

Instructions for Use (IFU)

Wellspect HealthCare portal for online instructions for use