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Simple. Reliable. Intuitive.

✓ Designed to help speed up the procedure
✓ Gives users back control
✓ May help users overcome physical and psychological barriers

Navina Smart makes TAI simple and intuitive to teach, learn and use. It may help speed up the TAI procedure and gives people control over their bowel. Navina Smart is designed to enable patients - or with the help of their carer - perform effective, individually tailored TAI. The goal of Navina Smart is to make TAI as user-friendly as possible, in order to increase the success rate and compliance for those that try the therapy, as well as making it available for more people.

Electronic Control Unit - makes TAI easy to live with

  • Electronic pump and control unit means less physical effort or coordination needed.
  • Touch buttons for easy and accurate control of balloon inflation, water flow rate and volume. 
  • Integrated safety features, including automatic maximum for water instillation and balloon inflation.
  • Tailoring of treatment parameters.
  • Saves treatment information automatically.
  • All information at the patient’s fingertips, intuitive and easy to understand and access.
The Navina™ Systems range of Transanal Irrigation solutions (TAI) from Wellspect Healthcare is now available on prescription. If you would like to know more, please discuss with your healthcare professional as to your suitability for Transanal Irrigation (TAI) therapy.

Navina™ Smart system

Instructions for use

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