Navina Smart Why choose Navina Smart?

Struggling with bowel dysfunction?

When the bowel works, life works. But what about when it doesn’t? Struggling with bowel dysfunction can have a significant impact on your health and quality of life, causing distress and embarrassment, which can result in avoiding social situations due to the fear of accidents. You are not alone. We have met many people suffering from bowel dysfunction and many who struggle for far too long with dietary and stool changing medication without effective results. Fortunately there is help available. 

Could Navina Irrigation System help you?

Navina Irrigation System is indicated to help adults and children from 3 years who suffer from faecal incontinence, chronic constipation, and/or time consuming bowel management. There are many different underlying causes which could cause these symptoms and benefit from treatment with bowel irrigation. The most common ones include:

Navina Smart

Innovative bowel irrigation with the touch of a button

Navina Smart was designed so that everyone, including children and people with reduced hand function, could get precise, safe and controlled bowel irrigation with just the touch of a button. Navina Smart is easy to learn and use. It has built-in safety features and personalised settings to ensure that it delivers the same irrigation, every time.

How does Navina Irrigation System compare to other TAI devices?

There are many different devices that perform TAI available on the market. What makes Navina Irrigation System unique?  

  Water Volume Uses Central Unit Uses Water Container Uses Tube-Set Electronic Pumping   Accessories Included
Wellspect Navina™ Smart / Classic 1500ml 400/100 15 100 Yes (Navina Smart)

2 Grip rings (1 vertical, 1 horizontal)

1 Lanyard

1 Positioning strap

1 Navina Smart positioning clip

Coloplast Peristeen® Plus

1000ml 90 15 90 No 2 Positioning straps  
QuFora® IrriSedo Flow 1500ml 30 30 30 No No
QuFora® IrriSedo Click 1500ml 90 30 30 No Hook to hang water container, positioning strap


I have total control and don’t have to be afraid of unpleasant surprises.
Noah 49 User of the Navina Irrigation System

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