New hope for my patients. Unboxing the new Navina Fecal Incontinence Insert

Bev Collins works as a Lead Clinical Nurse in the UK. She treats patients with various bladder and bowel problems, helping them to manage their continence care on their own.

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There can be so many reasons for fecal incontinence, and it affects both men and women of all ages. I meet many patients with the same symptoms but with very different backgrounds and underlying causes. Patients may have had their symptoms since childhood and have developed different coping strategies over the years. Fecal incontinence can also be the result of a recent event – a young woman with complications arising from childbirth, or an older man recovering from rectal cancer.

In other words, beyond the “typical Fecal incontinence patient” lies an individual, each with his or her own personal, family, medical, psychological and social history. What works for one particular patient may not work for another.

But there is one wish they all have in common: To stop the leakage. Now.

So I was pretty excited when I first heard about Navina Fecal Incontinence Insert.

I don’t say this very often, but I’m so, so very happy with this product. I can really see it making a real difference in my patients’ lives.

This device is really easy to use and has been developed to help prevent involuntary loss of stool.

The first thing that struck me was how harmless it looks.

It has an anatomic fit and since it’s made out of silicone it’s very soft and flexible. Having to put something up your rectum is going to feel quite intimidating for most people, but this Fecal Incontinence Insert has a very gentle, nonthreatening look to it.

The insert is pre-lubricated and filled with liquid, which makes it very flexible. And we want flexible. When you squeeze it – and it will get squeezed as it moves through the anal canal – the fluid adjusts inside the insert, conforming to the body. To start, you hold the plastic applicator in the hand – it keeps the insert really steady at insertion. When the insert’s in place, you can dispose of the applicator with regular household waste.

The insert has a broader retainer at its base that rests on the anus and keeps it securely in place and prevents the insert from moving into the anal canal. It also works as a handle when removing the insert, this flattens when inserted so remains comfortable.

And yes, of course I had to try it out myself. I must say I was surprised at how little sensation was felt while wearing it. I could sense that the retainer was present between my buttocks, but it wasn’t at all uncomfortable. I wore it for several hours and had no problem going about my day. I even decided to give it a tougher test and rode my bike to the public swimming pool for a swim. No one noticed and no one but me knew it was there.

Up until now, the solution for managing fecal incontinence has been to use pads or anal plugs that absorb the leakage. It’s often messy, uncomfortable and inconvenient. But when necessary you will use whatever is available. And I have met so many men and women who have no idea that this kind of product even exist.

There are further clinical studies remaining to prove just how well it works. Still, I am confident that in the near future, many of the individuals I see will refer to fecal incontinence management as “before” and “after” the Navina Fecal Incontinence Insert.

Bev Collins
Clinical Nurse Lead
Wellspect Healthcare


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