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Navina Insert: a bowel incontinence product that prevents bowel leakage

Finding yourself in a situation where you no longer can trust your own body is devastating. Anyone dealing with accidental bowel leakage knows that both the physical and psychological consequences limit your life and stop you from doing things you want to do. Fortunately, there is help available. 

To help manage daily life, Wellspect offers Navina Insert: a bowel incontinence plug which is engineered to protect against accidental bowel leakage and help users improve their quality of life.

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Who can use the Navina Insert as a bowel incontinence treatment option?

Should your lack of bowel control affect your daily life and stop you from socializing out of worry about accidents, it is time to speak with a healthcare professional. Bowel leakage affects 10% of the general adult population. It is a common problem and there is no shame in receiving or seeking help. 

A new way to help you feel safe.

Navina Insert is a soft and flexible insert that is designed to provide a complete seal, helping to prevent rectal leakage. The insert is made of soft silicon with a fluid inside, allowing the insert to
conform, move and adapt to the body. 

Navina Insert 

Engineered to protect against accidental bowel leakage. Designed to be comfortable. Intended to be hygienic.

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