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Irrigation System

What is Navina Bowel Irrigation?

Navina Irrigation System is an innovative and effective bowel irrigation system that helps you take control and establish a bowel routine. Bowel irrigation is a method to empty your bowel by introducing lukewarm water. Navina Irrigation System is the only product on the market providing both an electronic and manual control unit.

Navina Irrigation System has high user satisfaction and is considered easy and effective to use. Navina Irrigation System consists of an electronic unit (Navina Smart) as well as a manual unit (Navina Classic). It also includes a tube set, water container and rectal catheters in two sizes and shapes.
Whatever your preference, there is a solution for you.

Ask your Health Care professional to introduce you to the Navina Irrigation System, as it is only available on prescription.

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Navina Classic - easy and convenient manual handling

Navina Classic is designed with the user in mind. It is intended to make your overall irrigation procedure as convenient as possible, starting from the first time you hold Navina Classic in your hand, to every single use of it. From start to end.

Navina Classic is the solution if you need transanal irrigation and prefer a manual control unit to operate the therapy. The color-coded parts and the descriptive symbols make the product intuitive and easy to understand how to assemble and use. The two hand pumps make it easy for you to pump and control the inflation of the balloon as well as the water instillation. You can use the same tube set, water container and rectal catheters for the Navina Smart as well as the Navina Classic.The water is filled into a stable water container with volume units to enable you to track the water volume and to follow the amount of water instilled during the procedure.

Navina Smart - Electronic handling with personal settings

Navina Smart has software-controlled electronic pumps that inflate the balloon and instill water into the bowel. After setting your irrigation volume, irrigation speed and balloon size you get precise, safe and controlled irrigations every time with just the touch of a button. 

Navina Smart is the solution if you need transanal irrigation and prefer or need an electronic control unit to operate the therapy. Feel in control by watching the progress of your irrigation session on the screen. Your irrigation data may also be transferred to the accompanying Navina Smart app. The app stores and displays your information related to the procedure and serves as an irrigation diary that can be shared and reviewed by yourself or with your nurse and doctor.

You can use the same tube set, water container and rectal catheters for the Navina Smart as well as for the Navina Classic.

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Navina Smart app

Navina™ Smart app allows you to track and record your progress and settings, and gain insights about how to optimize your routine.

What can you track with the Navina Smart app?

All data from your latest irrigation, such as balloon size, amount of water, water flow rate and duration time, can be transmitted to the Navina Smart app via Bluetooth.

After each treatment you are asked to rate your irrigation and answer a few questions about the perceived quality of the irrigation. 

You can get your progress visualized in graphs or tables, sorted by time, water amount, balloon size and water flow rate. The results can also be shared directly with your healthcare professional to
follow your progress . The app is secure and you are the only one who can control how the information is shared. Just sync, rate and share.

Navina Classic and Navina Smart instructional videos

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Catheter FAQ's

Medical Issues

Q: Is the risk of bowel perforation higher the longer I irrigate?

A: No, the evidence shows that the risk of bowel perforation does not increase the longer you use TAI. 

Q: What if bleeding should occur?

A: A small amount of bleeding or smearing of blood on the catheter may occur and should not alarm you. More severe or sustained rectal bleeding with or without pain suggests a possible bowel perforation, which should be treated as a medical emergency and requires immediate medical attention. 

Q: What should I do if I feel pain?

A: If cramps, discomfort or pain occur while instilling the water, pause instillation for a few moments and continue more slowly once the discomfort has subsided, ensure that the water is warm enough, at body temperature. If pain is severe or persistent stop the irrigation immediately. It could be perforation of the bowel which should be treated as a medical emergency. 

Q: What if I feel sweating, palpitations or dizziness during irrigation?

A: If you have a spinal cord injury this may be a sign of autonomic dysreflexia. Instill the water slowly and limit the time on the toilet depending on tolerance. If symptoms are bothersome, ensure that you are not alone when irrigating until symptoms at each TAI are reduced or minimized. If you are at risk of autonomic dysreflexia, you should have medication easily at hand. If autonomic dysreflexia occurs, stop the irrigation immediately. Further assessment and possibly other treatments are required before continuing with TAI. 


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