Research and grants

Together we can advance continence care

Advancing continence care is a joint endeavor between health care professionals, researchers and MedTech companies that are active in the field of continence care. Together, we can develop the next generation of bladder and bowel products and make a real difference in the lives of people who depend on such products. 

To explore the synergies between bowel and bladder, we initiated the ACCT global forum (Advancing Continence Care Together) in 2017. Under the umbrella of this forum, a number of scientific webinars of various themes, are organized annually. 

Separately, we also conduct our own scientific research and fund clinical trials and Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS). 


Clinical research

All products developed by Wellspect undergo clinical study programs whereby products' safety and performance are carefully evaluated and determined. Our clinical study programs are developed and conducted with lead clinicians in the field and in accordance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

Available grants

All funding applications for study grants and Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS), are reviewed and processed by Wellspect's head office in Sweden. Applicants from around the world are welcome to apply to both.