Clinical research

Clinical and scientific research underpins all of our product developments. It is the Wellspect way to innovative, safe and reliable continence care products.

Insights into clinical research at Wellspect

All products developed by Wellspect undergo a clinical study program whereby the product's safety and performance are carefully evaluated and determined. 

Lead clinicians and Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

Wellspect’s clinical study program is developed and conducted together with leading clinicians in the field. All our studies are conducted according to Good Clinical Practice (GCP), the Declaration of Helsinki, Wellspect HealthCare Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and applicable rules and regulations. Compliance with the international standard ISO 14155 on clinical investigations of medical devices for human subjects.

Post-market product surveillance is performed to gain further knowledge about safety and performance of our products in clinical use after release on the market. Monitoring products in this phase may include clinical research, literature reviews or surveys. 

Examples of our latest studies;

  • An open prospective study on the efficacy of Navina Smart, an electronic system for transanal irrigation, in neurogenic bowel dysfunction 
    Emmanuel et al 2021
  • Intermittent catheterization with single  or multiple reuse catheters:
    clinical study on safety and impact on quality of life
    Newman 2020
  • Short Term Evaluation of a Novel Eletronic Transanal Irrigation System in Patients with Neurogenic Bowel Dysfunction Previously Exposed to Transanal Irrigation Systems 
    Passananti et al. 2018
  • Review on reuse versus single-use catheters for intermittent catheterization
    Håkansson 2014
  • New, more environmentally friendly, catheter material
    Johansson et al. 2013