Therapy Related Questions

Therapy related questions regarding Navina Mini.

Q. Can I use Navina Mini as an introduction to high volume TAI?

A. Some people prefer to start using a mini system to get used to using irrigation. However, if a large volume irrigation is required then Navina Mini will be less effective. Some conditions benefit from Navina Mini and others a higher volume of water.

Q. Can I instill water 2-3 times to mimic Navina Classic/Navina Smart?

A. The volumes when using a mini system are much lower. Instilling the water via the mini 2-3 times will ensure the rectum is empty, but it will not encourage the feces to be removed from higher up in the descending colon. Using Navina Classic / Navina Smart instills a larger volume, and this will encourage more feces to be evacuated.

Q. Can Navina Mini replace Navina Classic/Navina Smart e.g. by children who need a low volume of water?

A. The Navina Mini instills the water via a cone. Navina Classic / Navina Smart instills the water either via a catheter or a cone. The smaller volume of water will evacuate less and will not generate the same results as a higher volume of water will.

Q. Can Navina Mini replace Navina Classic/Navina System while travelling?

A. Navina Classic / Navina Smart are delivered in a discrete black bag that could be packed for travel. If prescribed a high-volume irrigation changing to a low volume may not give the desired results.

Q. When is the best time during the day to irrigate?

A. Bowels like habits. It is good to establish a routine. Irrigating after a meal is beneficial. Ensuring you are well hydrated is also beneficial.

Q.  Shall I irrigate before or after my toilet visit?

A. This will depend on the individual. Some people will attempt to empty their bowel before irrigating. Some people use irrigation as their bowel management. The purpose of irrigation is to give predictable bowel management.